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GDM Motors is a continuation of FG Classic and SLC Racing, has been active in the revision and restoration of Porsche for years. With more than 100 achievements, Porsche has few secrets for us.

With us you can restore your car to factory original or we will build an outlaw where you can configure everything yourself such as the chassis, interior, engine, chassis and brakes.

Restoration to originality

Cosmetic restorations of youngtimer

Building outlaws

How we do it

Complete disassembly and inventory

For a complete restoration, the vehicle is completely dismantled and all parts of the body are removed, from the engine to the interior equipment. This is the only way to clearly determine the condition of the classic vehicle.

The required components are listed and discussed with the customer.

Body Work

Our specialized team of welders determines, in consultation with the emitters, which sheet metal is retained and which must be replaced.

Er wordt lokaal vertind waar nieuw plaatwerk is gebruikt en om alle onderdelen bij montage perfect uitgelijnd te krijgen.

Preparing paintwork

All our chassis are welded on the Celette court during the total duration of the welding work. This is the only guarantee of perfect results. The factory-original fits are respected.

Tous nos châssis sont soudés sur le court Celette pendant toute la durée des travaux de soudage. C'est la seule garantie de résultats parfaits. Les coupes d'origine sont respectées.


After tinning, the chassis is blasted again, this to remove all acids to check the restoration. The chassis is treated with an epoxy layer on both the inside and outside. The best product to give future corrosion no chance.

GDM Motors does not save on products and operations. With perfect bodywork work one should not save time.

We are proud to say that our first restored cars still look new after many years.


Our experienced mechanics rebuild your car to originality. GDM motors has a loyal team of suppliers over the years. Determining which supplier is allowed to supply which parts is a very important fact in the process as well as the accumulated knowledge of what is and what is not.

Parts are galvanized, recirculated, blasted and powder coated.

For the overhaul of engines and gearboxes, we have a partnership that has been flourishing for years.

Fine tuning

The test drive follows after assembly and quality check. The first 1000 km are crucial to eliminate all problems. All new parts must interact with each other. The adjustment of the car determines the ultimate driving pleasure.

Our many years of experience is an absolute added value here. Engine, clutch, etc. are adjusted. The height is regulated and the car is weighed on the scales for perfect handling.

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