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GDM Motors specializes in body repair and restoration of vintage cars and classics.

With us you can restore your classic to originality or have it converted to your own specifications. Nothing is impossible.

GDM Motors has many years of experience in the restoration of Porsche, but other brands are also welcome. Over the years, BMW, Ford, Ferrari, De Tomase etc. have been reviewed by us.




Other brands

High-quality body repair in steel or aluminum

GDM Motors has a professional team of its own people, and strives to achieve as much as possible "in-house". The projects are cleaned at the start, we have our own sand blasting installation with adapted pressure and abrasives. It is also determined in advance which parts may and may not be blasted.

Rusted parts are removed and replaced with new panel sections with perfectly matched weld connections. We can faithfully reproduce aluminum or steel panel work with our traditional sheet metal processing equipment.

GDM Motors has 3 Celette courts and an arsenal of its own molds. The entire Porsche range is in stock, for other brands we have smooth delivery. More intensive body repair is carried out by us during the entire phase in welding on the celette, on the molds. In our opinion, this is the only way to guarantee perfect fits during assembly.

The car is fully assembled after welding the chassis. Lights, moldings, door frames, etc, everything is fitted before tinning.

Our specialization ranges from small panel repairs to complete bodywork innovations. The qualified employees of GDM Motors have unique skills such as tinning of parts, so that the metal is better protected against corrosion.

Paintwork to perfection

The paintwork of a car is one of the most visible parts of a restoration. GDM Motors strives for excellence in this specialty through thorough preparation, the choice of the best materials, products and paints and our high-tech infrastructure with its own paint lab and professional spray booths.

We are proud of the excellent finish of our work that we achieve through paint preparation and dedication to the pursuit of excellence.

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